The Benefits and Good Maintenance of Carpets

Homeowners have always favored carpets as they come in a great range of colors, textures, patterns, materials and styles, over other less interesting materials. Carpeting boasts several advantages over other floor coverings as it enhances any room because of its color, warmth and texture.

You can help prolong your carpet’s life if you use due care and attention, especially when it comes to stains and spills and also the day-to-day wear and tear which all material must endure. This constant maintenance is always a bind, but has some advice which helps your carpet keep looking as good as the day it was first woven!

In particular, we offer you six established ways to keep your carpet looking fresh and massively lengthen its life.

Do Not Carpet Areas of High Traffic

Different parts of your home will have different amounts of foot-traffic. You should decide on the floor coverings for these diverse areas of your home based largely around this. For example, nobody should carpet their front entrances. Carpets will give a room a nice cozy feeling, so it’s ideal for bedrooms, living rooms and dens. But avoid carpeting your front door area because that’s where mud and dirt will be most likely to accrue.

Off With The Shoes

Make it a house rule that your visitors always remove the mud from their shoes and take their shoes off when entering so as to avoid getting the mud all over the carpet. Doormats both indoor and outdoor at all entrance and exit points are quite friendly reminders for doing this as well as being functionally sensible.

As well as your doormats, take your shoes off at those points to minimize dirt brought into the house. A shoe rack is another handy thing to have nearby, also containing slippers or flip-flops to put on instead. Another friendly reminder for visitors.

Regularly Vacuum Clean Your Carpet

Use the vacuum cleaner on your carpet on a regular basis. Mud and all sorts of dirt will inevitably enter the house no matter what you try to do, and no matter how polite your visitors try to be!

Regular vacuum cleaning is one of the most crucial aspects of taking good care of your carpet; it will reward you by extending the carpet’s life and also it’ll look fantastic every week of the year. You’ll notice how well a good vacuum clean removes the dirt and grime and all the crumbs. It also reduces wear by foot-traffic, eliminates allergens and prevents your carpet from appearing dull.

In the final analysis, the more regularly you vacuum clean your carpet you’ll find that the fresher the carpet will always look. Get into the habit of regularly vacuuming these areas of your home which suffer most traffic about two or three times every week, with less used areas about once every few days.

Protecting Carpets Properly

You should also apply some form of carpet protection spray to the carpet in addition to the regular vacuum cleaning. You should do this especially immediately after it has been professionally cleaned. Carpet protectors of this type should be re-applied on a regular basis, especially on carpets which are resistant to stains as time will wear down its protective layer.

Prior to its application, you should test the protector fluid by spaying a small area of your carpet (a bit that nobody normally sees) to ensure that no tint is left, before applying to the whole carpet. These protection sprays actively stop dullness setting in and go a long way in preventing other types of daily damage.

Remove Spots and Stains Fast

There is no getting away from the fact that there will inevitably be spillages on your carpet at some point. When this happens, don’t fret, but get rid of the stain as soon as you can. You should carefully blot the spilled area: it’s important not to rub it. (Rubbing at a stain may damage the fabric and make the stain stay there.) Just blot away until the area is nearly dry, then vacuum the whole area. Ensure that it is completely dry as water left within the carpet may lead to mold or similar issues.

If you take lots of care of your carpet regularly you will avoid the financial burden of having to buy expensive cleaning items. Remember, when using any spot or stain remover, test it on an unseen area of the carpet before using it on the whole expanse.

Always Get a Professional.

Whether or not you manage to clean and protect your carpets on a daily basis, you’ll find it pays to get your carpet cleaned professionally once in a while. A professional will carefully deep clean your carpet, and paying a little more for this will extend your carpet’s life and maintain its quality and durability. You can do a search for local carpet cleaning professionals or you could always hire a steam cleaner from a reputable hardware outlet.

You’ll find that it really pays to look after your carpet in the ways described. Carpets will look brand new for years and years to come as long as you take good care of them. Have a look at Eastern Panhandle Carpet Cleaning and see the wealth of great tips on good carpet maintenance and care, and also to locate your local carpet installation and maintenance professional.

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