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When you are ready to trust your carpet to a professional cleaner call us for a free estimate. We want to service your carpet for as long as you have it. Whether it is carpeting in one room and throw rugs in the others or carpeting throughout the house and upholstery you want cleaned we can be there for you. If it is the large spot of cherry Kool-Aid, or red wine on your white berber, shag or multi-level loop carpet we probably have a solution. Or maybe you have the need for emergency water extraction from the carpeting in your flooded basement. The point is we are well equipped with state of the art cleaning techniques and equipment and will be there to help you regardless of the situation.

Serving the residents and commercial businesses in the Eastern Panhandle means serving the towns in Jefferson County, Berkeley County and Morgan County. These include: Charlestown, Harpers Ferry, Summit Point, Shannondale, Shepherdstown, Kearnesville, Bolivar, Rippon, Ranson, Shenandoah Junction, Middleway, Martinsburg, Inwood, Falling Waters, Bunker Hill, Hedgesville, Gerrardstown, and Glengary, Berkeley Springs, Paw Paw and Great Cacapon.

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The Benefits and Good Maintenance of Carpets

Homeowners have always favored carpets as they come in a great range of colors, textures, patterns, materials and styles, over other less interesting materials. Carpeting boasts several advantages over other floor coverings as it enhances any room because of its color, warmth and texture.

You can help prolong your carpet’s life if you use due care and attention, especially when it comes to stains and spills and also the day-to-day wear and tear which all material must endure. This constant maintenance is always a bind, but Flooring-Professionals.com has some advice which helps your carpet keep looking as good as the day it was first woven!

In particular, we offer you six established ways to keep your carpet looking fresh and massively lengthen its life.

  1. Do Not Carpet Areas of High Traffic
  2. Off With The Shoes
  3. Regularly Vacuum Clean Your Carpet
  4. Protecting Carpets Properly
  5. Remove Spots and Stains Fast
  6. Always Get a Professional


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